Knowledge management

We are often asked: "What is our approach to knowledge management?"
bee network believes that knowledge management is social and not (only) the implementation of an IT tool. Knowledge management should focus on people and support them in their work environment to help them to get the best return from their expertise.

bee network should be your first contact if you are in the need of one of the following topics:

Knowledge identification, transfer and preservation

Knowledge is the most valuable capital of your organisation! As with other assets you have to first identify it so that you can transfer it to the relevant people and preserve it for the future.

Organisational learning and Lessons learned

Organisations are not static but they learn and adapt. This process should be planned and steered carefully in accordance with your objectives. One important tool for this is the lessons learned that you can institutionalise and will help your organisation to learn from its past.

Onboarding and Expert debriefing

Your team is an infinite well of knowledge and expertise. Give experienced people recognition by providing them with professional help, sharing and transferring their knowledge to others. Welcome new team members and help them hit the ground running, ensuring greater productivity more quickly.