Communications Plan / Strategy

Helping you to set your priorities, target groups and tools, your communications strategy should cover all aspects of interaction with your audience and the methods by which to do this. bee network can assist you to ensure that your communications plan is not just one more strategic document but a real aid to reaching your organisation’s objectives.

PR/Media relations

Helping you manage the public perception of your organisation. We can help ensure that your message gets across through a variety of media channels - from employee relations to crisis management your media will be managed with care and expertise.

CI & Branding

A strong CI, a strong brand, defines your organisation’s identity allowing target groups to identify with your products, values and voice. Defining a visual identity makes you stand out from competitors and gives cohesion to your organisation and is of vital importance. bee network can help you build an outstanding CI, ensuring consistency across all your communications channels.

Editorial / Copy Editing

Helping you to write your stories and information. And we’ll help transform your own writing into the perfect stories.

Social Media

A key element of the latest web developments is the focus on engaging your audience rather than simply pushing content at them. We can help you integrate social media, personalising the customer’s experience . We know that your target groups are varied and we want to help you ensure that the information they receive is both relevant whilst letting you build a dialogue with them.